Case Study: Royal Mail Princess Royal Distribution Centre

The Challenge

This vast site has 50 lorry loading bays and five train platforms, as well as offices, meeting rooms and administration areas, which when combined cover the same area as nine football pitches (gross area of 60,000m2). This presents an immense challenge for cleaning services with a need for flexibility, cost-effectiveness and consistency.


The Solution

Romec Cleaning work in close partnership with JohnsonDiversey who agreed to support Romec through a Partnership Solution, focusing on areas of cleaning that can be enhanced with product-specific solutions. We also set in place a regime of high standards and assured it through regular audits and performance measures, and developed a goal to work openly with customers and suppliers to continually improve standards across the board.

JohnsonDiversey supplies Romec not only with the correct chemicals required but also with tools that compliment their use. Through using equipment and machinery made by JohnsonDiversey’s wholly owned equipment manufacturer, TASKI, Romec can also ensure that the appropriate apparatus is used for each task. JohnsonDiversey offered Romec the use of its 24-hour emergency hotline, full training and advice systems to ensure excellent service to Royal Mail.

The Results

The award-winning cleaning team at PRDC has saved over 70 cleaning hours a week through the partnership initiatives, which means Romec can carry out a deep clean of little-used areas, further improving the centre for Royal Mail Group. The service and practices implemented at PRDC have also proved so impressive that they have been transferred to other significant Royal Mail sites in Bristol and Crewe.

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